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PES, Inc. is a turn-key operation for both DOT and Company (non-DOT) drug/alcohol testing programs. Non-DOT programs are also applicable for various operator requirements. PES, Inc. provides the following services: 

PLAN AND PROCEDURE MANUALS - As part of the turn-key service, your company will be provided a plan and procedure manual, along with helpful forms in managing your anti-drug and alcohol misuse program. PES, Inc. provides all DOT drug/alcohol consortium members with a Company (non-DOT) anti-drug/alcohol misuse plan as well as DOT anti-drug/alcohol misuse plan(s) as applicable to your company. 

RANDOM SELECTION - Consortium members are provided with random selections quarterly via computerized method. The random selection rates are determined by DOT agency for DOT regulated companies or by company preference for non-regulated companies. Random selections are based on up to date current employee rosters and must be completed by the end of that quarter in which the random selection was performed. Employee rosters must be updated at least quarterly with PES, Inc. by your company contact (as specified) using various methods of communication to meet your company's needs. Random alternates should only be in the event that a primary selection cannot be performed due to attrition, sickness, or leave of absence. PES, Inc. will assist consortium members if random alternates are needed. 

SUPERVISOR EDUCATION TRAINING - Supervisor Education Training and Certification is included in the turn-key operation for DOT and non-DOT programs. DOT requires that companies have designated personnel to undergo training on detecting employees in safety-sensitive functions who are using alcohol or drugs. This education is to provide those designated personnel who make reasonable cause/suspicion determinations with an understanding of the physical, behavioral and performance indicators of probable alcohol and/or drug use. 

BACKGROUND (DRUG/ALCOHOL PREVIOUS EMPLOYER) CHECK SERVICES - The Department of Transportation established a requirement that any company hiring employees or transferring employees into DOT safety-sensitive positions must perform a background check for any misuse of drugs and/or alcohol in the previous two (2) years from the employee's previous employer(s). Any new employee or transferring employee must also complete and pass a pre-employment drug test. FMCSA requirements (i.e. CDL drivers) must also have a Safety Performance History check conducted as well. 

PES, Inc. consortium members are provided with the necessary forms and information within your DOT program manual to perform these checks. PES, Inc. consortium members may also sign an "agreement" with PES, Inc. for those checks to be performed by PES, Inc making a "good faith" effort in receiving required DOT employee drug and alcohol information from previous employers at a competitive rate. If you are a consortium member and wish for PES, Inc. to perform the background checks for you, please click here and provide your contact information. An "agreement" will be sent to you followed by necessary forms and information to set that up.

COLLECTION SITES - Panhandle Employers Services, Inc. maintains a large database of available collection sites and services offered by these collection sites. We will secure collection site(s) for your company in as close proximity to your facility or facilities as is allowed and feasible. We maintain this service throughout your membership with our consortium and adjust with the growth of your company. Collection sites are supplied with information and supplies needed to provide services to your company. For information on PES, Inc. owned and operated collection sites, please see collections page. 

LABORATORY - PES, Inc. consortium members use Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL) for urine drug screening and confirmation testing. CRL is a Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) certified toxicology facility. CRL is also certified by SAMHSA and CAP. Negative drug test results are usually available within 24 hours (depending on the time of the collection and courier pickup). Positive (non negative) drug test results must require more time for confirmation testing. 

Medical Review Officer (MRO) - PES, Inc. contracts with a certified MRO, Dr. James S. Jones, as required by DOT. An MRO is a physician knowledgeable of DOT regulations. All DOT test results are reviewed maintaining compliance with DOT regulations and DOT agency specific regulations. 

RESULTS REPORTING - All reporting methods are relayed in a confidential manner to company specific contacts. PES, Inc. staff is able to assist you in the method best suitable for your company. Companies may choose to obtain their test results via email or FAX transmission (for secured FAX only). Once your designated contact receives testing results, the results are to be stored in a locked filing cabinet or a secure, confidential location. 

SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROFESSIONAL (SAP) - PES, Inc. contracts with a SAP referral service to assist the consortium member in locating qualifying SAP(s) for those employees who violate drug/alcohol policy or DOT rules. For DOT violations, the SAP must meet the DOT requirements and be aware of the DOT guidelines before evaluation. 

BILLING - Each consortium member (company) will be billed annually for an administrative fee based on program requirements. Each test performed for your company will be consolidated and include the cost of the collection, laboratory, and MRO fees. Invoices and statements are prepared and sent to consortium members monthly. Consortium members should not be billed by collection sites for drug and/or alcohol collections. If consortium members receive bills from collection sites, please notify PES, Inc. and send bill by email or fax to (940) 825-3576.  

STATISTICAL DATA - DOT requires contractors, operators, companies to maintain statistical data in a form called Management Information System (MIS) reports. PES, Inc. provides MIS reports to all consortium members subject to DOT on a bi-annual basis. If your company participates in a consortium random pool, you will also receive the MIS report for the consortium pool. You will receive these reports in January and July of each calendar year in the same method that your testing results are received. 

AUDITS - All DOT audits are performed differently by each DOT administration. Some audits are performed by the DOT auditor onsite and some are performed electronically. PES, Inc. assists the consortium member with necessary documents, records, plans, background check information, statistical data, Management Information System (MIS) reporting, etc. to satisfy audit needs. Some operator requirements allow for non-DOT auditing. PES, Inc. assists the consortium member with necessary documents, records, plans (addendums), statistical data, etc. to satisfy non-DOT audits as well. 

RECORD KEEPING - DOT requires you to keep records of drug/alcohol information such as collection site audits, chain of custody forms, MIS reports, completed background checks performed by PES, Inc., supervisor education certificates, etc. These records are kept for you by PES, Inc. and provided to you within two (2) business days upon receipt of request by your company. 


PES, Inc. provides companies with different options on random selection pools. PES, Inc. performs your random selections via computerized method. The random selection will be performed at the percentage rate required if your company is subject to DOT rules or operator requirements. If your company is not subject to DOT rules or operator requirements, the percentage rate will be based on your company preference. 

All DOT drug/alcohol manuals include a Company (non-DOT) plan as well.

FMCSA (DOT) - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

PHMSA (DOT) - Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration

USCG (DOT) - US Coast Guard

FRA (DOT) - Federal Railroad Administration


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