Panhandle Employers Services, Inc.

Georgene Osborne

Years of experience: 19
Position: President & CEO

Georgene has worked up to owning PES, Inc. to provide drug screen compliance strategies for businesses.  She provides the leadership and forward thinking that will take us into the future.

Thad Osborne

Years of experience: 6

Carolyn McGee

Years of experience: 2

Panhandle Employers Services, Inc. (PES, Inc.) is a leading Consortium/Third Party Administrator with over 21 years of experience and knowledge providing up to date DOT (Department of Transportation) regulated and Company (non-DOT) regulated anti-drug and alcohol misuse testing programs with efficient, personable, and confidential care for the diverse needs of the contractor since 1990.

Thank you for your interest in the drug and alcohol testing program(s) offered by Panhandle Employers Services, Inc. At Panhandle Employers Services, Inc. (PES, Inc.), we pride ourselves on maintaining and servicing a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program that emphasizes individual confidentiality, safety, and security.

Please feel free to browse our website for updates, forms, services, programs, enrollment information, and general information regarding the services at Panhandle Employers Services, Inc.

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